VAT Refund

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VAT Refund

Our VAT refund service is an entirely original and relatively new service in the Croatian market. It implies refund of foreign VAT to legal entities registered in Croatia.

Povratom inozemnog PDV-a pravne osobe iz Hrvatske mogu uštedjeti čak 1/5 vanjskih troškova pošto većina stopa PDV-a u europskim državama iznosi oko 20% (kreću se u rasponu od 17 do 27%).


Legal certainty

We have ensured this security thanks to our international network of offices, which enjoys a high reputation of the domicile tax administrations of both the Region and the EU countries. This positive rating was built and acquired years ago, and is based on a professional and responsible approach.

Full legality

Our clients are offered FULL LEGALITY in providing services owing to the fact that each individual foreign VAT refund is supported by a certificate of the local tax administration which represents legal basis for generating and booking foreign VAT refund revenue as any other legal revenue from any other business activity of the client.



Our service is completely transparent because we continuously inform clients about all stages of the refund procedure, starting from the receipt of documents in the domicile tax administration to the stage of payment of money.

All documents are always and exclusively sent via international registered courier services such as DHL, TNT, etc. We ensure full safety of all documents as we have a group insurance and personal indemnity policy covering any:

  • loss of documents during storage or transport
  • error or negligence

Simply, our foreign VAT refund service provides full comfort in doing business, at highest international standards.

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