VAT Refund

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The first step in VAT reclaim is an analysis of the possibility of VAT recovery based on documents presented by the client. The VAT reimbursement procedure implies a number of different activities: screening and analysis of available documents, selection of valid documents, direct consultations with the client, creation and submitting of the application, etc.

We do not charge any expenses until client reclaim application is approved. In order to obtain VAT recovery, the following documents are needed: original invoices (preferably issued to company name), a certificate of local tax administration that the company is covered by the VAT system and other documents required by tax administrations of countries which are to refund VAT. Hrvatske tvrtke mogu izvršiti povrat inozemnog DV-a iz svih država EU kao i iz: V. Britanije, Srbije, Crne Gore, Bosne i Hercegovine, Švicarske

Pravo na povrat hrvatskog PDV-a imaju tvrtke iz svih država EU kao i tvrtke iz: Srbije, Švicarske, V. Britanije

Needed documents

The documents required for VAT refund vary from country to country

  • Document 1

  • Document 2

  • Document 3

  • Document 4

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