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About Us

The company CB VINCETIĆ d.o.o. is specialized in VAT refund services from abroad, for companies from Croatia on behalf of the costs of services rendered abroad.
We provide foreign tax refund services (VAT RECKLAIM) for legal entities in Croatia according to the same standards as this service is provided in Germany, France or any other EU country.
In addition to its core business, CB VINCETIĆ d.o.o. also provides VAT refund services in Croatia to legal entities registered abroad.
We successfully, quickly and with quality provide services of foreign VAT refund to legal entities registered in Serbia, thanks to our network of offices in the region and the countries of the European Union.
The most common costs for which foreign VAT is refunded are: hotel accommodation, fuel and tolls, training and education, congresses, conferences, rental costs, processing and finishing of products, etc.

Founder CEO

Mirko Vincetić

dipl. ecc.

Author of the Initiative (June, 2014) for establishing reciprocity between Croatia and Serbia

Author of the Initiative (April, 2021) for the establishment of reciprocity between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Certificates and license

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